Corporate Training

Lifestyle Hacks for Increased Energy, Performance and Health

Plant based health and lifestyle talk and live chef demo with tasting
Extraordinary health and vitality is possible when you feed your body the proper fuel. Radiant health, youthful glowing beauty, enhanced energy, superior performance, and increased longevity are all available to you. Come learn effective strategies and lifestyle hacks to nourish and support your body in looking, feeling and performing better than ever. Learn easy tasty recipes with powerful ingredients that have anticancer properties, increase focus, fuel your workout, and promote greater health, vitality and natural energy. Enjoy a tasting experience.

Experiences for any corporate occasion

  • Team Building: Bring your team together for an unforgettable experience.

  • Company Meeting: Add a culinary element to boost your conference or company meeting.

  • Team Celebration: Reward your team with a unique experience and a fantastic meal.

  • Wellness Event: Give employees the culinary skills they need to live a healthier life.

Superfood Smoothie Making Play Shop

What are superfoods? Can they really give you more energy? Just how do you use them in smoothies and make them actually taste good? In this hands-on experiential play shop you will find out ten top superfoods you can incorporate into your diet for improved health, energy and performance. Learn chefs tips and tricks to make outstanding smoothies every time, and get motivated to incorporate these superfuels into your diet and uplevel your vitality.

Wrap up the class with smoothie tasting and recipe sharing.

60 minutes

Iron Chef Team Builder

This 4 hour experience will take your team to the next level. Through working together in a kitchen team group members take on the iron chef task of preparing plant based recipes with mystery ingredients, under a time constraint, while cooperating as a team to try and win the contest. This hands on team builder offers a fresh new perspective on teamwork that is engaging, educational, challenging and fun. Following the activity a lively discussion exploring the team dynamics and learnings will bring new depth and sense of connection to your team. The experience ends with the whole gang gathered around the dinner table together enjoying the meals they prepared.

4 hours – kitchen access is preferred but not mandatory.