School Enrichment

Super Healthy Chefs are taught and understand the difference between what is “real food” and what are “processed foods”. We know that many health problems adults face today are the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices and in most cases, could have been avoided had they adopted the principles we teach. Our mission is to teach the younger generation a healthier way to eat, raise their awareness of ingredients (good and bad) and prepare them to live a long, healthy life.

  • Classes can be 60-90 minutes in duration

  • Sessions can be 6 to 12 weeks

  • ​Offered to grades pre-k to 8th grade

  • Up to 3 classes per day (at different times)

  • ​Minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 students per class. A kitchen is preferred but not needed. We can set up in any classroom, cafeteria, etc.

  • Some of our dishes include: Flourless brownies made with black beans, vegetable soups such as minestrone or corn chowder, green smoothies using spinach or kale, sweet potato cookies, pasta with fresh made sauces and veggie pizzas, etc. We never use any artificial food flavors or colors. Students receive a hand out with the recipes to take home and try again with family or friends. At the end of every class, the students will enjoy the delicious and healthy meal they helped make.

Benefits To Childeren

Super Healthy Chef programs provide the following benefits to children


Learning healthy nutrition choices and recipes to support this


Safe and proper food handling skills


Preparing recipes supports reading, math and following directions.


Increased awareness and connection to their senses.


Healthy community engagement and teamwork.


Learning proper handling of utensils and developing motor skills.


Understanding where foods come from and developing more healthful eating habits.


Enhanced self esteem.

We are currently serving the California Bay Area. Contact us if you would like a program at your school.